Clotàs M


Red Wine. 750 ml. 13%

Grape varieties

100% Monastrell


70 years-old Monastrell vines

Viticultural system Traditional integrated methods.
Soil Sandy-gravelly.
Harvested In late October by hand in crates.
Fermentation Pre-fermented in refrigerated stainless steel vats.
Filtration Unfiltered and so there may be some sediment.
Maceration 12 days.
Aging 14 months in French and American oak casks.
Yield 3,000 bottles.

Tasting Notes

Cherry red with a medium robe.
Red fruit aromas with a hint of jam. As it evolves, toasted and smoked aromas emerge that blend
in with all the rest to harmonious effect.
A mild initial taste, with a balanced acidity, pleasant tannins and a good structure. As it evolves,
the fruity sensation returns with a touch of liqueur and smoked flavours. A pleasant long aftertaste.

Wine pairing suggestions

Delicious with mature and full-fat cheeses, red fruit, and rice dishes with meat and vegetables.


Clotàs Wine 2010

Red wine 750 ml | 14%

Production process

The grapes are harvested by hand after being carefully selected bunch by bunch. They are transported in crates, so as not to damage the fruit. From the vines, they are taken to cold storage chambers kept at a temperature of 4°C (39.2°F) for pre-fermentation cold maceration. The fruit undergoes a second selection process there before being transferred to stainless steel fermentation tanks, which are kept at a controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation takes place in French oak casks.

Clotàs - Tasting Notes

Colour: An intense red-coloured, almost opaque wine with a touch of very mature cherry. 
Aroma: Hints of very ripe red and black fruits of the forest, with a floral violet fragrance and a touch of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla. 
Taste: A dry initial taste with a balanced structure and acidity, with enticing tannins that intensify in the mouth, finishing off with ripe fruit flavours with a hint of chocolate and roasted coffee. 
Yield: 10,000 bottles
Grape varieties: 85% Tempranillo, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging: 14 months in French and American oak casks

Wine pairing suggestions

Delicious with mature or full-fat cheeses and red meats



Flor de Clotàs wine 2010

Red wine 750 ml | 15%

Grape varieties    100% Tempranillo
Vines 60-70 years old
Viticultural system    Traditional integrated methods
Soil Sandy-gravelly
Harvested Early October. By hand, using crates
Fermentation Pre-fermentation in refrigerated stainless steel vats
Filtration Lightly filtered, so there may be some sediment
Maceration 2 weeks
Aging 5 months in American and French oak casks
Yield 5,000 bottles. Natural cork stopper. 6 bottles per box.

Tasting Notes

Colour: An intense red-coloured, almost opaque wine with a touch of very mature cherry.
Aroma: Balsamic, with a later emergence of truffles, liquorice, cocoa, and stewed red fruit.
Taste: Moreish, with well-rounded tannins and a taste that lingers on in the mouth.

Wine pairing suggestions

Full-fat cheeses, Mediterranean cured meats, soups, stews, and lamb.